Training and Consulting

This chapter includes every grade of theoretical and practical training for radiology and radiation oncology.


  • The happiness of participants and
  • The participants transferring the information and manners gathered in our trainings to the works with higher motivation

We have adopted to get the precautions against;

  • Not to make any compensation on method
  • To be loyal to the concept training principles
  • To support the relevant explanations with samples and statistics
  • To include the participants in training with various practices such as questions and cases regardless of the duration of training
  • To provide the requirements of adult training by considering the audial, visual and tactual learning characteristics of participants
  • To make the behaviors of participants permanent with feedbacks and reinforcing elements
  • To remove the defects of participants in terms of behaviors in line with the analysis depending on the measurement and assessment techniques after the training


Our company provides the feasibility, physic, design and project and planning, the materials in radiology and radiotherapy department and also all the construction projects in addition to the current buildings, construction, protection and turn – key deliveries.

The support regarding the legal responsibilities to import the oncology treatment services as required for the license, information and documents from Turkish Atomic Energy Authority / Chamber of Physics Engineers can be given by our Company and also, the service network including the practitioner, medical physicist, technician and assistant personnel can be generated by our company. The target of our company is to be expert in all the steps.