Project Managment

  • Device installation
  • Beam data
  • Spot beam modeling
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Treatment Planning Systems
  • Dosimeter equipment

Oncotech has made a name for itself as expert for all the time since its establishment.

  • Consultancy
  • Projecting
  • Construction, Screening, infrastructure and super structure services
  • Refurbishing and repair of current treatment rooms by the current conditions
  • All the legal applications, information and document support as required for importing the radiotherapy and radiology devices and systems
  • Turkish Atomic Energy Authority / Chamber of Physics Engineers licensing application, information and document support as required to constituting the radiotherapy and radiation oncology department
  • Device application and use training
  • Electronically controlled radiation – safe treatment room doors as manufactured by the national and international standards
  • Mantling, dismantling and transportation services for radioactive sources, radiotherapy devices and systems

In all the stages of these services, Oncotech has aimed to act without making any compromise on main responsibilities such as human health, environmental safety and quality.