Human Resources Policy of our Company depends on using the human force in the effective and productive manner which utilizes the resources in the most effective way; acts responsibly to the human first and then to the environment, occupational health and safety;  follows the quality standards, ever grows and develops; takes strength from the employees; adopts the customer oriented approach as a leader company which meets the expectations of customers, puts value on the employees and stands open to changes by maintaining the leader stance in oncology sector.


  • Employment and Placement
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management and Career Planning
  • Pricing
  • Motivation
  • Management Systems
  • Social Responsibility


  • Our main strength is the human source. The quality of work is determined by the quality of employees. It is one of our primary targets to bring the quality work force to our company and to the society.
  • We know that the impressive and productive contribution of different abilities carries the company to the future. Thus, it is one of our primary principles to strengthen our employees with the training programs aiming at providing information, ability, manner and attitude to them and to create resources for continuous development.
  • To develop the personal performance, team performance and management system with continuously quality – developing processes and systems with the aim of ensuring maximum benefit from our employees and the company
  • To define the requirements of our customers and potential customers by adopting the customer oriented service manner and to offer the differentiated and quality service by effectively interpreting them
  • To generate the career management system by considering both the present time and the future in terms of ensuring the comfort, safe and work satisfactions of our employees and to offer the career development options
  • To ensure that they keep the organization structure dynamic in line with the strategic plans and targets of our company and to keep them open to changes
  • To work for creating the value – oriented culture, trust and work environment where the people can work with pleasure by adopting the positive discipline and to offer the environment in which the motivation and loyalty of employees will be increased
  • To provide the company culture and conscious which promotes innovation and creativity
  • To show respect to the human at first and to environment then by focusing on ensuring occupational health and safety and environmental protection in our activities; to develop the systems for preventing the work accidents, to prioritize Occupational Health and Safety and environment in all our projects
  • It is the other primary principle of us to execute the human resources application in accordance with objectivity, sensitivity and justice in liaison with the other managers and employees.
  • Our existence is to ensure the sustainable development by making investment on human which is our main strength.