Employment and Positioning

As Human Resources Department of Oncotech Medical Systems, our main policy in employment ensures the opportunity to offer equal opportunities and development to the ones who have the capabilities required for the position without making any distinction.

Vacant positions are fulfilled through the applications made via career sites, the promotions or rotations, references or suggestions among the current employees or by the CV archive. When there is a vacancy for a position, the applications waiting in the candidate pool are evaluated by the requirements of position. Our department gets into contact with the relevant candidates and employment procedures are implemented.

At the end of interviews, the applications of candidates who are not convenient for the current position are kept in the data base. All the candidates are informed about the results of employment process.

Internship Program

Oncotech Medical Systems executes an internship program aiming at creating the future – candidate resources and meeting the need for interns.

The interns who want to have obligatory or voluntary internship can make applications for our Internship Program covering the students from Vocational High Schools and Universities.

After the applications are assessed by the demands of department, one – to – one or group interviews are made with the determined students and the students with favorable results are included in the internship program.