Occupational Health and Safety

The series of precautions to be taken with the aim of creating the safe work environment to prevent the workers from the working accidents are named as “Occupational Safety”.

Occupational health science is the branch of science founded for keeping the health of workers at the highest social, psychological and physical level, for ensuring that the production tools are well for the health, for protecting the workers from harmful impacts and for ensuring the harmonization among employees.
Our main policy is to prevent the occupational risks, to protect the health and safety, to remove the risks and accident factors and to inform and train the employees about occupational health and safety.

With the training models, it is aimed to inform the employees about the risks of works at first and then, the works are executed with the competent personnel. Works are followed and assessed by the committees, too.

There is the “Radiation Safety Committee” constituted by the representatives of companies working within the body of Oncotech Medical Systems and General Manager of company and also a representative of Corporate Human Resources Department. This committee follows all the applications regarding radiation safety and following the assessment on periodical dose measuring, submits the report of results to the administration.

The applications regarding the occupational health and safety are executed by the Occupational Health Department of the Company. Besides, Preventive Medicine Services are also given by our Occupational Health Department.