We Are Here To Serve You

Oncotech Medical Systems has been established as aiming at providing the cost – effective service in high quality standards by carrying the information and skills gathered in oncology field through the professionalism.

Oncotech has focused on customer satisfaction as solution partner at home and abroad with the experienced staff which is open for development and has started to work for being the leader in this sector.

Oncotech has combined all steps of cancer treatment under a single by considering all the requirements of the sector and has generated integrative solutions. It is active in radiology branch aiming at early detection and diagnosis and in Radiation Oncology clinic services for treatment.

Our Services

Technical Service 100
Medical Physics 100
Projecet Management 100
Training & Consulting 100
Spare Part 100


To meet the domestic and foreign requirements with the innovative, expert and trained staff; to give cost – effective service in high quality standards by protecting the values of our country


To follow the scientific and technological developments in Radiotherapy and Radiology Field, to get effective roles in the applications in this sector and to ensure the aimed quality service


  • Honesty – The Company stands behind it’s word.

  • Safety and Environment – The safety of our employees is ensured and maximum importance is put on environmental protection in our activities.

  • Value – We hold our employees valuable and we show brief, fair manners to them.

  • We put importance on team work and safe work environment.

  • Technology – We follow high technology and the developments around the world and apply them in our activities.

  • Motivation – We create a motivating work environment by considering its productive impact.


Oncotech Works for generating the maximum quality of treatment solutions with high productivity in cost – effective manner according to the “human first!” principle with the conscious of giving service in health sector as the leader firm in Turkey in the fields of sales, service and consultancy to meet all the needs of oncology and also for maintaining its sector leading stance.

Our Customers

Oncotech Medical Systems deems the customers as the shareholders and created value for them.
Oncotech knows that the one who have turned Oncotech into the solution center and the branded value is only the customer.
Even the customer gets satisfied with the less; Oncotech works for offering maximum benefit and continuous satisfaction as a solution partner.

Quality Product and Service

Oncotech Medical Systems prioritizes quality in product and services to maintain the continuous customer satisfaction. It has a never – ending development to ensure the quality in product and service. Its organization was built on continuous development and training and thus, Oncotech closely follows technologic developments.

Our Valuable Team Members

Oncotech Medical Systems knows that the quality of product and service actually depends on the quality of employees. It executes the services in the most productive manner with the expert and experienced staff.

Thanks to this structure of our firm, we give the advantage of time and savings to the customers by means of the alternative service and quick cost analysis skills in addition to speeding up the project in the production and application fields.

All the employees from the engineer to the cleaner have acknowledged the importance of team manner. Oncotech supports the employees to attend in the social activities by giving sponsorship in social, cultural and artistic organizations in addition to the vocational training and development of them.

As Oncotech Medical Systems, we commit to apply the Quality Assurance System by the conditions of ISO 9001: 2008 standard to protect and develop the institutional values and to execute the above given Quality Policy.