Training and Development

In Oncotech Medical Systems, Training and Development activities are planned according to the needs of our employees and organization within the scope of values and competencies as based on individuals who are willing for development and based of the general company.

All our employees attend in basic orientation and annual training programs from the employment by our Human Resources Policy. The strategies and targets of company, performance assessment results, and task needs, the feedbacks sent by the administrator and by the employee himself and the new investments and projects have roles in determining the training requirements. Training models are generated by getting assistance from Professional trainers or by the inner – trainers within our body in line with the subject of training and the needs.

Planning the Training

Our trainings generated by the Company strategy and targets for the needs of our employees and organization are divided into the below given titles:

These are the trainings given for the new employees with the aim of introducing the work and work environment and ensuring the harmonization.

These are the trainings for increasing the vocational capabilities.

These are the trainings organized for developing the knowledge, skills and motivation of employee.

These are the trainings given with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and expertise of employee by means of seminars, courses, workshops, etc. organized in the country or abroad with the facilities of company or the business partners of company.

These are the trainings to be given by the regulation.