Technical Service

Keeping the work times of devices at the highest level is under the guarantee of our certified expert team. Repair, maintenance and dosimeter tests and quality controls of national and international machine and equipment in international standards are ensured by our expert and experienced team.

Technical Services of Oncotech has expanded its service network and the number of personnel giving service in line with the increasing number of devices in parallel with the ever – growing health sector and created a dynamic service structure. Oncotech has adopted the combination of amateur soul with Professional discipline as principle for accurate and quality practices in uptime of supported systems.

Having the awareness regarding the sustainability in health sector, our Firm continues to the on – device protective maintenance services without a break with its well – educated and expert engineer staff obtaining the certificates from manufacturer firms with the aim of removing the problems before they emerge.

As Oncotech, by means of our certified expert engineers;

  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair works are executed.
  • Software and update solutions are offered.
  • Rapid – interference is given in the case of any malfunction and application assistance is given when required.
  • Continuous accessibility is ensured by means of the call center.